Now that summer is coming to an end, your plants need a little TLC. It doesn’t take much effort if you have some garlic at home. Before throwing away the remaining garlic peels because they have no use in cooking, you can use them in your garden. Read here how it works and what influence garlic peels have on your garden.

Using garlic peels in the garden: It’s that simple!

Garlic peels are often a byproduct of cooking and end up in the trash. However, we are revealing methods to still use these leftovers intelligently. Whether crushed or whole, garlic peels can in fact be integrated directly into the garden, according to the motto “from the kitchen to the garden”.

There are several options available to you, as garlic peels can help preserve your fall harvest and help control pests. Additionally, the peelings can be used as fertilizer.

How can garlic peels extend the shelf life of your fall harvest?

Garlic has many benefits for humans. Consumption of this vegetable purifies the body, stimulates metabolism and can further protect our crops from premature deterioration.

Garlic as a natural remedy against parasites

Garlic peels can be used in different ways against parasites. Garlic peels especially work wonders against wireworms and Colorado potato beetles. Two methods are available to you:

  • A decoction of garlic infusion can drive pests off your plants. To do this, grind the garlic peels and place them in a pot. Pour water over it so that all the peels are well covered. Heat everything up and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Then let the water cool, remove the peels by sieving them and pour the water into a spray bottle. Generously spray this garlic peel decoction on your plants.
  • It is usually enough to place the crushed or crushed peels near your plants. The smell of garlic peels repels certain pests.
  • Additionally, garlic peels can also be placed in compost or around your garden as a barrier to keep pests away with their strong smell.

Using garlic and onion peels as fertilizer

Garlic and onion peel fertilizer can especially help increase soil fertility by promoting normal plant growth. To do this, you need two handfuls of garlic peels and two handfuls of onion peels. The peelings are placed in a saucepan with a liter of water and brought to a boil. Then let the peelings steep over low heat for 20 minutes.

Then use a cheese cloth to drain the broth. Finally, dilute everything with eight liters of water. Cucumbers and zucchini in particular really appreciate this fertilizer.

With these tips, we wish you lots of fun recycling garlic peels in your garden!